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Yves Saint Laurent - Mon Paris Star Eau de Parfum 90ml

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The thrill of a passionate affair. A sky filled with stars. YSL Beauté introduces MON PARIS STAR EDITION, a new incarnation of the iconic scent. A rock-infused aesthetic, emblazoned with silver stars. MON PARIS, the vertigo experience of l’amour fou. The new feminine fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent invites to lose senses in an upside down Paris. Between passion and freedom, audacity and femininity, the fragrance blends the sensuality of the finest musk with an hypnotic datura accord and the intensity of an exceptional patchouli. Inspired by the modern allure and the edgy couture style of the Yves Saint Laurent woman, the black lavallière unveils the elegance of a multifaceted bottle. MON PARIS, the fragrance of the burning lovers who live and love madly.

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