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Britney Spears - Fantasy Eau de Parfum 15ml

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Female fragrance from Britney Spears
Fantasy by design house Britney Spears was launched in 2005. Fantasy was the second fragrance she released. Fantasy by Britney Spears is a magic love potion of sweet temptation that leaves a tantalizing trail of embracing sensuality. The story begins with an enticing mix of lush red lychee golden quince and exotic kiwi. A playful tease laced with a yummy cupcake accord jasmine petals and sexy white chocolate orchid. At the end a spell is cast with a surprising finish of creamy musk enchanted orris root and sensual wood. This is a love potion locked up in an attractive pink bottle adorned with Swarovski crystals. This delicious sweet scent has been recommended for daytime wear.
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