Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas Ever

21 January 2016


What on earth do you get your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day?

Well, get her anything but these!
There are certain gifts that will be more offensive that thoughtful and could ruin your night. So make sure you cross these off your list of possible presents....

 A ring that’s not an engagement ring or earrings in a small box

 You might think that it’s a good idea to present a wonderfully cute little box to your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day....

Have you found a pair of gorgeous earrings and wanted to dress them up in a fancy presentation? Whatever you do, do not put them in a small, square box. It will give the completely wrong impression that you want to marry her, especially if you’re nowhere near that stage in the relationship or if she’s been hinting at you before you’re ready.

Instead, make sure you get a rectangular box so that you can make it pretty clear before she opens it, that it’s a different type of jewellery. Or just wrap it up in paper.


    • Guessing her bra size and just hoping for the best

 Each woman has a different shape and finding the right bra size can be like completing Tekeshi’s Castle. Sure, your girlfriend might be curvy or a little on the thin side, but do you actually know the difference between back measurements and how they change the cup sizes? Probably not, because most women don’t get the right size themselves. If you’re unsure, make sure next time you see your girlfriend and she’s popped her bra back into a drawer at night, get a peak at the label. This way, you’ll avoid the awkward situation of her trying on of a bra that doesn’t fit or her just turning around and telling you she can’t wear it whatsoever.


    • Fast food restaurant visit

 We all know we like to visit fast food restaurants. It’s convenient and most of the time (well, sort of), the food can be good. However, this does not mean you should take your girlfriend to any of them this Valentine’s Day. It comes across as lazy because you didn’t book a reservation and it makes you look downright cheap. Yes, we can all be strapped for cash, so spare those pounds and cook her a homemade meal instead. You’ll earn more points.


    • Skin care for anti ageing, acne or any other skin issues.

 Pretty much all women walking around have problems linked with confidence and a lot of the time, it’s due to the way we look. We know what’s going on with our skin and that’s why we buy products that help us out. Then we’ll try our very best to look the best we can in bad situations, whether it’s dry skin or spot prone days where we want to bury our head in a pile of pillows. That’s why the last thing you should do is buy us anything skincare related. Even if it’s out of the goodness in your heart, you’ll come across as someone who agrees with the reasons why we’re self conscious. It’s pretty much like you’re saying, “yeah, you’re pretty but my god, you need to sort your spots.”


    • A gym membership

 This is along the same lines as skincare. It’s a touchy subject. Anything (and we meant anything) that is designed to improve your looks or your figure, do not buy this for your girlfriend. You might be someone who loves going to the gym and you might want her to join you. That’s great that you want her to take part in the same activities as you however, you need to leave her to do it when she’s ready. Giving her a membership is either being too pushy or telling her she needs to lose weight. Both are not good.


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