What's your perfect scent?

1 October 2012

Have you ever caught the scent of someone in a breeze and been in awe of their aroma?

Perfume is powerful stuff. It can transport you momentarily to another place or simply remind you of someone. Just like our other senses, our sense of smell is hotwired to the part of the brain that deals with emotions – hence fragrance unlocking memories and moods. It’s one of the few things in life that brings simple, instant pleasure.

Hundreds of new fragrances are brought out each year; there’s too much choice and finding the perfect scent for you can be very tricky. Do you go for the trend of the month and follow a celebrity endorsement or do you find something a little more personal and distinctive?

The golden rule is, if it sounds lovely, looks lovely and you like it, then no matter what the web description, sales assistant, or your best friends says… buy it! Go with what you want because scent is subjective: one woman’s gorgeous can be another woman’s ‘yuck’.

Here at The London Perfume Company, we know fragrances can be quite pricey and when buying something you need total confidence in what you’ve just added to your shopping basket. So, we’ve put together a little ‘check-list’ to help you find your perfect perfume whether you’re treating yourself or if you’re buying for a loved one – you’ll be able to find a fabulous fragrance.

1. Understand fragrance speak…
The thing you need to know about any perfume is that it has three notes, or three layers, if you like. They consist of top notes, middle notes and base notes; sometimes referred to as head notes, heart notes and base notes.
The top note is the first thing you smell when spraying the scent- these usually fade after being on your skin for ten minutes or so.
The middle notes come through as the top notes fade. These form the main body of the scent and can last up to a few hours.
The base notes are the longest lasting. They are the foundation on which the rest is built.

2. Eau De who?

What is the difference between Eau De Toilette and Eau De Parfum?

Eau De Parfum contains the highest concentration of fragrance and oil blend (up to 40%) – it’s more expensive because it lasts longer on your skin.

An Eau De Toilette contains a lower amount of the fragrance and oil blend needed (roughly, about 10%). – It’s a good choice if you like re-spraying your scent for the constant reminder of that beautiful top note throughout the day.

3. How’s your chemistry?

Did you know your skin has its own natural scent? It’s unique to anyone elses and perfume can either blend well or totally oppose it. No matter how much your nose might like the fragrance; your skin might not. It can be a matter of diet, medications and even skin type. No matter what you do, remember; leave it at least 20 minutes for the heart of the scent to show its true colours. It needs time to settle.

4. What’s hot?!
Some people have a classic (like Chanel) which they just cannot bear to depart – and some people can’t wait to try out a new one when their last drop has been sprayed. Whether you like the latest celebrity fragrance or if you match your scent to each season, here are a few of our favourites which we think you’ll love too.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Yves Saint Laurent Elle

Gucci Flora

Dolce & Gabbana The One For Men

Calvin Klein IN2U For Him

Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme

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