We've got your back Kim!

26 March 2012

We were shocked here at The London Perfume Company office to hear that Kim Kardashian had been ‘flour bombed’ at her recent perfume launch. So to show our support to Kim we have decided to award her first scent with our highly esteemed ‘Fragrance of the Week’.

We love the Kim Kardashian fragrance because of its refreshing tone and we feel it really reflects her sexy, feminine personality that many women adore.

This sensual scent includes notes of Orange Blossom, Pink Jasmine, Vanilla Orchid and Sandalwood and comes in a longer lasting Eau De Parfum spray.

We’re offering the 30ml Eau De Parfum for a very competitive £19.99 and the 50ml at an amazing £24.99 so grab one quick whilst stocks last!

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