New Look TLPC

12 April 2013


Welcome to the brand new look of The London Perfume Company! Isn't it just beeeeeautiful!?

We've got so many things to tell you about - it's all very exciting!

This pretty new site will provide you with a better shopping experience, easier navigation and a whole bunch of new products - and just because we look better; don't worry - we'll still be keeping the excellent prices.

Our brand-spanking new blog will be the eyes and ears of all things beauty and fragrance - A perfect haven for beauty addicts, bloggers and the general lovers of all things makeup, perfume and skincare.

You can come here for your latest fix of the industry, we're open 24/7 and there will always be something new and fabulous to feast your eyes on.

Look out for our brand new features on our blog:


We'll provide you with a daily dose of fragrance, makeup and skincare news - but not the average stuff!


On Our Radar - A weekly feature on all things beauty and fragrance. Stay tuned for the latest tricks, tutorials and how tos!

Celebrity Insider - Everyone's guilty pleasure is the celebrity world, right? We'll be delving into the world of the stars, getting their secrets and finding their inspirations within the beauty world.


 Product Reviews - We'll tell you what's been hot this month based on our hot trends and statistics.



Interviews! - We'll bring you the hottest Q&A's with beauty experts, celebrity insiders and cosmetic addicts who've been there in the real beauty world - Yes we mean people who have actually touched David Beckham, worked on the likes of Elle Magazine and been behind the beautiful faces at major awards ceremonies. Impressive huh?

BBlogger Award


THE TLPC TROPHY - We've created an award made JUST for people we think are worthy. This could be a blogger who's written a particularly amazing review or a celebrity who we adore. Who wouldn't want to win the TLPC award?!


We have a cool new function that will let you create a wishlist of all the things you'd love to have but for now all you can do is window shop.


We will of course be keeping our amazing competitions that you guys love and all the other fun things you've told us you love about TLPC.

Stay tuned for all the new and exciting features that we literally cannot WAIT to share with you!

Thanks for all the love and support so far - 



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