Wednesday Wishlist - The Cream of the Crop

2 April 2014

wednesday wishlist pretty perfume makeup clarins guerlain

This Wednesday, our wishlist is a little delicate. Just look how pretty they are!!

Sometimes, and only sometimes, perfume and cosmetics are actually far too good-looking to use. Don't you think?


Here we've picked out a beautiful perfume by Guerlain which you can find here for just £24.99 - (it should be £35.10!)

The bottle is sooo gorgeous it would compliment any dressing table. The fact that it smells absolutely incredible, is secondary. mmhmm! We'd recommend this for any floral scent-lover as it is literally the definition of a floral fragrance. However, if you think you're a heady, fruity fragrance-lover, you'll be surprised at this one. Make a Spring purchase and shock yourself - you'll love it.


Look, your face is your face - it's probably the first thing people look at when they see you (just a guess..). Keeping it tip top is sometimes hard, what with the moisturising, toning, cleansing, scrubbing, exfoliating OH GOSH need we say more...? We guess, if you have a gorgeous, high-quality finishing product, beit a powder, bronzer or blusher, your face will immediately look amazing. Using good-quality cosmetics will in turn, repay your face - sounds silly, but it's true!

Invest in this stunning Clarins Odyssey Face Palette here for just £23.99!
See, good quality cosmetics won't break the bank at The London Perfume Company either - this should be  a whopping £35!


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