Wednesday Wishlist 21.08.13

21 August 2013

Wednesday Wishlist: Everyone's fave! This week, transform a whole outfit with a splash of colour. Read more to find out how...


Sometimes you don't even need to buy a whole new outfit just for a new look - a splash of colour does the world of good! Take your worn-out white dress, grab a snazzy nail polish colour, a dusting of an eye-shadow you wouldn't normally, a bright bag and some eye-catching shoes - ta dah! A brand spanking new outfit... You're welcome.

 Shoes - Giuseppe Zanotti -

Dress -  River Island

The Fulton Bag - Anna Smith - BrandVillage 

Eyeshadow - Maybelline - Violet Star no200 - @ The London Perfume Company. Just £4. Buy here.

Nail Varnish - Lancome @ The London Perfume Company. Just £12 or FREE with any Lancome Purchase. Buy here.


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