Wednesday Wishlist 08.01.14 Clarins All About Eyes

8 January 2014

Wednesday Wishlist 08.01.14

New Year means looking after our beauty regime, even if it's only for a couple of weeks..

The Clarins All About Eyes set is perfect for a cleanse and to break yourself into a good habit. 

Your eyes are so important and ofcourse, so sensitive - You can't be taking any risk near those babies! Clarins is one of the trustiest and more importantly, gentle, on your skin.

So that's why this week, we're wishing for this Clarins set, and at £18.99 - It's hard to look away!



"This fabulous set from cosmetics giants Clarins features three essential products to both illuminate and protect the eyes. This includes the brands instant definition mascara which adds intense volume and definition.

It also includes their wonderfully effective and gentle eye makeup remover which cleanses the eyes without any irritation, and lastly features the brands eye revive beauty flash which effectively hydrates the skin around the eyes, whilst minimising dark circles and tightening the skin."


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