Wednesday Wishlist 05.02.13 - Chanel No.5

5 February 2014

"What do I wear in bed? ...


If you cannot for the life of you think where this iconic phrase comes from; why it's Marilyn Monroe of course.

The world-famous quote is one of our ultimate favourites! Chanel No.5 is as iconic as the beautiful Marilyn and so, they go hand-in-hand. Have you smelt it? Shop here.

The thing is, we know exactly where she is coming from...

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While being playful and a little cheeky, Ms Monroe was speaking only the truth! Even if you sleep with your comfiest pyjamas on - wearing a splash of your favourite perfume makes you instantly happy.

Waking up smelling beautiful puts an instant smile of your face - and because you don't usually do it, you'll really notice it. It's scientifically proven! Your senses are heightened in the morning (why do you think your bed is the comfiest ever when you first wake up?!)

Go on, try it tonight.


chanel no 5 perfume

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