Wednesday Wishlist 04.12.13

4 December 2013

We all love a designer label but sometimes we can't quite afford the handbag or the latest heels (if at all!..) We're quite happy to have one designer label on our dresser though.. the fragrance of course.

This week, we heart Marc Jacobs.

marc jacobs wishlist


"Daisy by leading fashion designer Marc Jacobs features a beautifully crafted trademark bottle that perfectly reflects the fragrances floral composition and vibrant aroma. Wild strawberry and grapefruit offers a delightfully refreshing prelude to an exotic floral combination of gardenia, jasmine and violet. These delicate flowery notes are enriched by a deep base composed of earthy woods and musk along with deliciously sweet vanilla that gives the fragrance a warmth and depth which brings the whole composition to life."


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