1 May 2014

We defy you to find someone who dislikes a) Marc Jacobs' fragrances and b) Marc Jacobs' bottle designs. Things we love Thursday continues to be popular -

This week, OH HONEY! We Love Ya'!

honey marc jacobs

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"Launched in summer 2013, Marc Jacobs Honey is the latest best-selling fragrance from the American fashion house and features the same distinctive design and intoxicating aroma which makes the brand so unique. 

Described as a fruity, floral fragrance, Honey opens with a vibrant blend of pear and orange before revealing a central bouquet comprised of honeysuckle and orange blossom. This intoxicating mix of aromas is finished off wonderfully with a base of earthy woods and vanilla alongside the signature note of Honey to give it a silky final flourish."




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