Twenty Unexpected Things to Fall in Love with This Valentine's Day!

20 January 2015


Valentine's Day is moving on from slushy boyfriend and girlfriend signs of affection, don't you think? The 14th of February no longer means oversized cards and teddy bears bigger than your actual boyfriend, but has developed into one day of BIG LOVE for all!

Best friends celebrate their singledom and eternal love for another, mums send their children 'secret' chocolates in the post (no, just us then?) and actual events are created to celebrate the general notion of love on all levels.

Anyway, here are twenty unexpected things to fall in love with THIS Valentine's Day..

fall in love with


1. Unusually cute baby animals.

Out with the puppies and kittens, baby giraffes and hedgehogs need some air time!

cute baby animals, baby giraffe

2. Pizza that doesn't add 3 stone to your weight after a slice.

Cauliflower pizza crust is the future. Falling in love with it, is a must.

cauliflower pizza

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3. Dark, vampy lips.

Out with the corals and reds, bring in the dark plums and almost-black-red lipsticks. LOVE!!

dark lipstick

4. Macarons.

'Nuff said.



5. Bed Head Hair.

People are so over the perfectly straight look. Gone are the days you would take portable straighteners and hairspray to work. The messier the hair, the more cool you look. YAY, a fashion we can all benefit more sleep from! #beautyhack

bed head

6. Adventurous Food!

Bored of the same old sandwiches and salads? It's time to fall in love with food again! This Valentines, rekindle your passion for tasty and nutritious foods. Figs with cream cheese and pine nuts on melba toast? Be adventurous! Your colleagues will never be so jealous at the canteen.



fall in love with

7. Plaits!

They're not just for little girlies. In fact, plaits can save you from washing your hair with a little dry shampoo AND make you look like you've made an extra effort. Win win. Mix up your hairstyles a little!


8. Chanel Perfume!

When was the last time you had a Chanel perfume lying on your dresser? If there is one, then we apologise for the jumping-to-conclusions but we're going to get you with this one... When was the last time you tried AND bought a completely different Chanel perfume that you're used to..? Chanel Perfume isn't necessarily cheap, but The London Perfume Company have it available for a lot less than most high street perfume shops! It's the cream of the crop and you NEED to fall back in love with Chanel fragrance.

Chanel perfume, cheap chanel perfume, chanel perfume sale,

9. Fashion. Or no Fashion!

Uncool is the new cool. Fall in love with mish-mashing your outfits, the more it doesn't match, the more on-trend you will be, it seems.

men, boys, girlfriends, girls

10. Family and Friends!


This may shock you but thanks to the wonderful invention of the internet, tablets, smart phones and robots, society seem to have lost touch with their nearest and dearest - they don't have anything to say to each other anymore! This Valentine's Day, fall in love with your parents, be thankful for your siblings and get to know who they are. This is one you definitely won't regret.

family time


11. Creative Nail Art.

"It's Valentine's Day, let's go a bright red!" - Cliche dahhling! Think a little outside the box and be creative with your nails. If all fails and it seems actually even a plain bright red is too much then you always have nail varnish remover, it's not a tattoo! *phew*.

valentines nail art, nail art blog, nails, nail idea

12. Exercise!

Fall back in love with running/swimming/dancing/netball/ or whatever it was you did that you secretly wish you never gave up! It's the best stress-buster in the land and has a trillion benefits. We'll save those for another blog...


13. Your Skin...

Fall in love with helping your skin be the best it can be. When you turn 50, don't be crying to us when you realise you could've been a little nicer to your dark circles. Simple tricks like rejuvenating with cold tea bags for 5 minutes after a bath can help reduce such things! 

tea bags, skin care, eye care, bags, dark circles, help

falll in love, beauty, valentines blog

14. Music.

Do you love Beyonce because the charts told you to or because you found her yourself? This Valentine's Day, fall in love with music that isn't mainstream and/or that you discovered yourself. Try to listen to completely different genres that you would usually and appreciate the wonderful notion of music!

music, passion, gigs, charts, new bands



This Valentine's Day, realise who makes you happy and whose negativity you could actually really do without. Fall in love with smiling, less worrying and being sickeningly smiley.

smiling, love, crying, laughing, emotions, happy, happiness

16. Bee Venom!

Rodial Bee Venom Eye Cream has been specially designed to deliver intense moisture to the delicate eye area, while also helping to plump and smooth the skin around the eye to improve its overall appearance. It also acts as an effective anti-ageing treatment, reducing the appearance of both fine lines and dark circles to leave the eyes with a youthful looking glow.

bee venom, rodial, skin care, beauty,

17. Crafting!

Fall back in love with handmade crafts. Whether you're buying a locally produced wooden spoon or making yourself a quirky little festival bracelet, crafting is unique and so personal.

crafty, loom bands, bracelets,

falll in love, beauty, valentines blog

18. Camping!

Festivals or just camping in the great outdoors, it's one thing you need to do before you die. Fall in love with the great outdoors, or failing that, it'll make you fall in love with your bed at home twice as hard! #appreciate

camping, tent, festivals, cute tents,


19. Life in the slow lane...

Stressed, like, aaaaaalllll the time? Take a break out the fast lane, put on the temporary brakes and work out what you really want. Sometimes it's so easy to be carried by the current that you've spent the last ten years in a job you actually hate. Sometimes, you can be so consumed by something you stop noticing the most beautiful view of the hilltops and the pretty fields on your drive to the shops. STOP and smell the roses.

slow down, stress, fast poaced life,


20. The World!

Ever wanted to just pack a bag and go travelling? There's a whole world out there that you haven't seen and you won't have a choice when you fall in love; the travelling bug is addictive! You can visit the best cities in Europe for as little as £40 return flights. Take a few days one week and hop on a plane to Budapest, we dare you!



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