Tricks to Diminish Oily Skin and a Competition!

30 July 2013


First of all, let us tell you that oily skin isn’t actually all that bad… Perfume lasts so much longer when applied to oily skin, so if you’re reading this with a shiny complexion, at least you’ll smell amazing for longer!...

So, let’s establish the basics:

  • Use a good cleanser and toner.

Pick one that’s especially formulated for oily skin – they don’t write it on the front for nothing! This will keep the oil production down in the first place and will reduce any oily break-throughs later in the day. duo

  • Consider just how oily your skin is.

Some people may just have an oily T-zone, others may just suffer with an oily nose; everyone is different! We say this because you should consider your use of foundation. If you choose a heavy foundation, or the wrong formula, it can react and cause break-outs and look even more oily than you first started!

  • Avoid products that have mineral oil in the ingredients list. 

  • Use a good quality powder to finish off your look.

This will create a matte effect, highly decreasing the amount of visible oil. A compact is perfect for this job, simply powder your nose on the go with the build-in mirror.

We know oily skin is a pain and not always so desirable – but it’s easy to disguise with some of the above fantastic products. However, remember that there are ladies out there who detest their dry skin and would give anything for a little moisture!

clarinsWe cannot recommend Clarins’ Beauty Flash Balm ENOUGH. It brightens, tightens and is PERFECT for a primer. We know what you’re thinking right – a primer?! For my oily complexion?!

Trust us.

This primer will build up almost what is a protective layer, so when you put your foundation on, there’ll be no oil.

 Good luck on your quest to flawless skin!

But remember, be comfortable in how ever your skin is.


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