TLPC's Top Tips For Flawless Skin

25 July 2013

top tips

Hey guys, we know how important a clear complexion is to you guys, so we thought we'd put together a list of the essential things you need to do to achieve flawless looking skin.

1. We're pretty sure this is a given but diet plays such an imprtant role in the appearance of the skin. High fat, high sugar diets increase the chances of your skin breaking out, try to avoid caffeine and saturated fats when possible. Leafy foods such as broccoli and spinach are filled with antioxidants which help to cleanse the skin from the inside, and hydration is also very important so be sure to take in lots of water.

2. Washing your hands properly is also an important factor in maintaining clear skin, we literally touch our faces hundreds of times a day and each time we do we potentially transfer dirt and bacteria which can lead to
 infections and breakouts.

3. Cleansing is another no-brainer but it's important to know
decleor the do's and dont's. Firstly, steer clear of soap, it
 removes the skins natural acidity which can leave it feeling dry and tight. Instead, try to find a cleanser which doesn't leave your feeling tight after washing and also make sure the water isn't too hot as this too can damage the skin permanently. You can shop our range of cleansers Here.

4. Toning and moisturising are always an essential part of your daily skin routine. Toning is important for closing the pores to prevent infection from bacteria, be sure to find one that is alcohol free and to apply spray a mist over the skin and wipe over the skin with a pad. Afterwards blot dry with a tissue. Shop our range of Toners Here.

Moisturising is important for keeping the skin hydrated, you only need an oil free moisturiser if you are particularly acne prone so don't worry about that so much. Also, try and find a moisturiser with atleast SPF 15 protection as this will protect you throughout the day from harmful UV rays.  

5. Exfoliating a couple times a week is also important, it will remove the dead cells on the top layer of your skin and give your skin a fresher appearance. Try and find a gentle scrub, and this should be done after cleansing and followed up with toning and moisturising. Take a look at our range of exfoliators Here.

Some people unfortunately have trickier skin than others, and in certain circumstances the only option would be to seek advice from a dermatologist who may be able to provide help. We hope this has been informative. Cheers 


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