Three Reasons To Invest in a Good Perfume For Work

11 May 2015

Are you guilty of saving your best fragrance for the weekend and special occasions? You use your cheaper-than-average perfume for daily wear at the office because your colleagues aren't worthy of a Chanel breeze when you pass? Shame on you!

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There's nothing wrong with using the slightly cheaper fragrance option for daily wear, we all have bills to pay and hey we genuinely love it - but we also all know how good we feel when we douse ourselves in a beautiful, extravagent perfume. 

Going out with your partner, meeting up with good friends at the weekend, seeing your beloved family; we choose our gorgeous Chanels, Creeds and L'Artisan perfumes. It's the icing on the cake to your relaxed, care-free mood and extra-special outfit.

So to cheer us up (especially on a Monday), we need this feeling - and we need it fast. Perfume is a magical thing in that one spritz of a stunning scent can transform your mood and evoke good memories and feelings.

Dig out your best fragrance this Monday and turn that frown upside down!

Three Reasons You Should Wear a Gorgeous Fragrance to Work

1. An instant mood-lifter! If you wear your best perfume at the weekend, wearing it on that gloomy Monday morning will re-create the memories of good times and happiness.

2. Conversation-starter. A really special fragrance will always turn heads; on the tube, in the office. You never know who you could meet and what exciting opportunities you could come across from a lovely conversation with a stranger about a lovely scent.

3. You've got yourself together: Utter confidence. When it's all falling apart underneath and you carry yourself with a fabulous appearance, at least your boss will know you've got this. A spritz of stunning perfume will give you that extra edge!


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