Things We Love Thursday 24.10.13

24 October 2013


Things we love Thursday is the wishlist we love to talk about aaaaall week... This week, some of us got a little excited at the super cute Katy Perry solid perfume pendants. We mean, look at them! They make for the most perfect gift and at a super affordable £7.99, what's not to love?! So we carried on the theme of ever so slight girly-ness and created a perfectly pink wishlist.

Lacoste Love of Pink (how very fitting!) is only £35.99 for a generous 90ml and you can grab a Dolce and Gabbana lipgloss for just £12, reduced from £21! We chose the 'innocence' shade - perfect for a girly pink pout. MWAH!

 Katy Perry Solid Perfume Pendant - The London Perfume Company - £7.99 - Shop now.

Lacoste Love of Pink - The London Perfume Company - £35.99 - Shop now.

Dolce and Gabbana Ultrashine Lipgloss; Innocence - The London Perfume Company - £12 - Shop now.


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