Things we Love Thursday 23.01.14 - The Perfect Pout

23 January 2014

Tried and tested a million lip products but just can't find the perfect pout?

Panic not, we have the perfect products to suit you...


Layering your lipstick is the perfect way to ensure your lip colour stays on for as long as possible.

Apply as usual, blot with tissue paper and apply again.



A lip lacquer is much more powerful than a gloss. It's more intense and really does the job. If you're the kind of girl that carries a tube of lipgloss wherever she goes, THIS is definitely the product for you.. NARS is a brand you can trust for quality and for doing what it says on the tin. We LOVE this in Sweet Charity...



We have a HUGE range of the best-selling Dolce & Gabba Ultrashine lipglosses from £21 to just £12! You can choose from 21 colours but we've opted for:

No.143 Vibrant

No.78 Innocence

dolce and gabbana lipgloss

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