Things We Love Thursday 22.08.13

22 August 2013

Things we love Thursday does what it says on the tin. It's the things we LOVE to love! This week we're doing the interview look. Looking smart doesn't have to be dull!....

twlt teaser

We're LOVING these Gucci handbag-sized beauties - perfect for your handbag, clutch, purse, pocket or even leaving in your car or office desk for a freshen up. We've featured Gucci by Gucci here but we have lots of different purse sprays to choose from! arrow


You'll get 1 x 15ml purse spray and THREE refills of 15mls - so that's 60ml for £39.99! Buy here now.

Find the rest of the wishlist here:

Dress - Modcloth

Blazer -

Bag  - Michael Kors

Chanel Eyeshadow - The London Perfume Company - Buy here.


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