Things We Love Thursday 13.06.13

13 June 2013

Things we love Thursday does what it says on the tin... It's those things you just can't go without! Staple pieces if you like... 


This week we're appreciating Things We Love Thursday for how it originally came about: The everyday things we really do love! 

Every gal has that handbag that they've worn to death, those boots that are scuffed but are just too darn comfy and that dress that's been tagged on Facebook more times deemed socially acceptable, but, we love 'em!

Our everyday perfume like Mariah Carey - Inseparable, is something that lives in Emma's top drawer! (We guess the name is very apt....!) 


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Sophie can't go a day without applying her trusty Maybelline foundation. The dream airfoam makes her skin look so flawless, without the cakey effect! 


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You'll always see Chloe with a lip gloss in her hand - and it's probably a Maybelline one. This week she's loving the Max Factor Silk Gloss in 'Creme Caramel'.. Let's see how long this one lasts her!


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