The World's Largest Bottle of Angel Perfume

21 June 2013


This is probably one of the most exciting things to arrive at The London Perfume Company! 

A gigantic bottle (if you can call it that?) of Angel perfume by Thierry Mugler. WOAH!

It comes in at a healthy 450ml and weighs more than a small child, we absolutely love it.

Costing a rather healthy sum of £1,695 - we would have to chip together our wages, but, we just know there's someone out there that would definitely love to buy this.

It's the only one we have - a one off - and it's an incredibly unique item, so, once it's gone; it's gone!



Beautifully crafted by the master glassmakers of Haute Parfumerie and encased in its own luxurious box, this is the ultimate tribute to a modern classic.

Angel was first launched back in 1992 and quickly shaped the new generation of fragrances with its complex arrangement and enchanting aroma, composed of vibrant fruits and exotic

closedfloral notes. This is a wonderfully novel item for devoted fans of the fragrance wishing to audaciously declare their love for this timeless fragrance.  


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