The World of Celebrity Fragrances: Our Top Five.

10 June 2013

celeb fragrances

Nicki Minaj, Kylie Minogue, Katie Price, Lady Gaga, Amy Childs, Justin Bieber, and now… One Direction. The list is endless: We could go on forever! We've seen a fair share of celebrity fragrances - from crazy bottles to 'out-there' scents and we've loved every single one. 

With the new release of One Direction’s ‘Our Moment’ and Katie Price’s ‘Kissable’ – what better reason to do a round-up of the best celebrity fragrances out there?!

The following is a mixture of the best selling, the most talked about and the best marketed celebrity fragrances. Let us know what you think! Which is your favourite?

number 5


Rihanna's 'Nude' has had a lot of attention since its release in November 2012. She's made it to our top five celebrity fragrances! It's so different from her previous two perfumes and we adore the bottle! Buy it here.


number 4

 bieber celeb

It's no surprise that the Biebs made it into our top five celebrity fragrances! Justin's fragrances are sooo popular! Not just because he has the most followers on Twitter, or because girls fall at his feet, but because it really does smell gorgeous! Buy it here.

Also, *fun fact* - Justin called his perfume 'Someday' because he said it's a positive name and someday his fans can make their own dreams come true.

number 3
 gaga celeb


The first time we ever saw Lady Gaga's first perfume, we just knew it would be huge! Only she could come up with this completely unique and innovative black fluid formula. It also just happens to smell mind-blowing! You get third prize Gaga! Buy it here.

number 2
  Pricey celeb fragrance


Whether it comes as a shock or not, Katie Price's perfumes continue to be one of the best-selling ranges here at The London Perfume Company! She has three perfumes previous to her new one; Kissable. We do find that 'Stunning' is the best-selling one out of the three, but the Kissable pre-orders are flying off the shelf too! We guess we'll just have to watch this space... Buy it here.


number 1

  britney spears

Did you predict this correctly?! Britney Spears' 'Fantasy' is our number one celebrity fragrance! It is soo  popular and we always get so many people talking about this. She has a huge range of perfumes too, so you're never stuck for choice. Hats off to ya' Britney! Buy it here.














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