The Ten Top Secrets to Natural Beauty

1 July 2013

bim We're all for cosmetics and makeup, oh wow, of course we are - they are amazing things! (Quite frankly, us girls in The London Perfume Company couldn't go a day without it!)

However, it's also important to remember the natural side of beauty. The real foundations of looking after yourself. If you don't look after that to start with, then everything else will be much harder work.

Beauty expert Chloe from The London Perfume Company has come up with TEN fabulous top tips to gain natural beauty. Once you've conquered these, the rest will come easily. Honest.

number 1

Nothing will make you look more gorgeous than a good night of sleep. zZzZzzzZZZZzzz. Experts say you need 7 hours minimum to function, but everyone's different. I'd say aim for 9.



Stress really does wreck havoc on your look. Sometimes it's hard to avoid, but, don't make your life unnecessarily busier than it already is. Don't forget to wind down after a long day and don't let problems build up. 



Moisturise. Yes it's tedious and not everyone loves it, nor agrees with it but if you're going to do any beauty regime - moisturising should be your first priority. And hey, the truth is, you can use a less expensive product if you really use it on a regular basis. It's all about the consistency.

4Have a beauty professional shape your eyebrows: It's an instant facelift. You can get them waxed, shaped and/or threaded for anything from £5 to £20. This is so much better than plucking and it lasts so much easier. There's nothing like coming out of a salon with freshly shaped brows!


Don't forget to get regular hair trims (even if you think you don't need them!) It prevents split ends and keeps your hair looking healthy and thick. 'They' say every six weeks but really every 3 months should be absolutely fine... (That's my plan anyway!) - However, the more you hairdry, straighten, curl and back-comb your hair - the quicker you'll get split-ends and the sooner you'll need to go.


Stop drinking fizzy drinks. Even the diet ones. Just because they're diet, it doesn't mean they are necessarily good for you. It's hard to quit, but worth it. Watch your energy levels soar and your skin look younger.




A good dermatologist won't sell to you, they'll listen to you.



Christian Dior Show mascara is the closest thing I've ever had to applying individual false eyelashes. It really is amazing and worth every single penny. I know I can spend anything from £5 to £15 a time on falsies but this mascara is a more natural way of getting the look without all that glue. Try it for yourself! Buy here now.

9Get your moles checked by your doctor. Better to be safe than sorry.


10STRESS RELIEF! Singing at the top of your lungs to your favorite song is a GREAT stress relief, thus an amazing beauty tip. Try it!

If your neighbours are a little touchy though, go for a run or do some exercise. You could even turn up the music and dance off the stress. If you don't feel like it beforehand, trust me, you'll love the feeling after - it's all about positive natural endorphins - the best kind of natural high!


So which of these are you going to take on? Make a couple of changes and see and feel the difference!


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