The Summer Fragrance Guide for 2014

19 May 2014

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Summer is (aaaalmost) here! *YAY*.

Here's The London Perfume Company's fragrance guide to the hottest scents around; the must-haves, the perfume underdogs and just the perfect fragrances for this season..


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By looking at our beautiful image above, you may notice a common theme amongst the chosen summer fragrances for 2014... With exception to Prada Candy, all the perfumes chosen are very light in liquid and hold a beautiful pale tint. We guess this could be a good pointer this season for a fragrance being perfect for Summer!

Florals are BIG this summer but not your usual flowery scents.

Yes, your Marc Jacobs Honey and your Calvin Klein Euphoria are beautiful bets but if you really want to get on trend with your fragrance this summer, you should check out our top six summery scents for 2014 below...

We've noticed that the majority of the 'recipes' to summery success contain top notes of florals, middle notes of sweet ingredients and base notes of warming woods - if you think about it, this make complete sense. The natural woody base holds the ingredients together and helps the top notes of sweet florals linger for longer.

Ahhh bliss.

Here goes -

floral fragrances, summer fragrances 2014, perfume, summer perfume

Which will you choose?

1. Burberry Brit Rhythm

Launched in early 2014, Burberry Brit Rhythm is the latest fragrance from the iconic brand and features their signature blend of floral notes and fragrant spices to produce an aroma that is both casual and sophisticated. Lavender and neroli provide a wonderfully relaxed and charming opening, followed by a distinctive blend of fruits which includes blackberry leaf and orange blossom before closing on an earthy blend of musky and woody aromas.

Prices start from £17.99

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2. Balenciaga Florabotanica

Fronted by Bella Swan herself Kristen Stewart, this fragrance opens with the distinctively vibrant aroma of mint, which then unveils a tender heart of carnation and rose which warm the senses. Finished with a wonderfully warm and earthy base of amber and vetiver which adds exceptional depth and longevity to this modern, stylish fragrance.

100ml £62.99

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floral fragrances, summer fragrances 2014, perfume, summer perfume

3. Prady Candy

Candy Eau De Parfum by Prada is instantly seductive and boasts a feminine cocktail of fruity notes. It begins with excessive notes of musk, a middle note of benzoin and a deep base note of caramel. Gorgeous. Candy evokes a new facet of femininity, illustrated further by the striking pink splash on the bottle.

Prices start from £33.99

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floral fragrances, summer fragrances 2014, perfume, summer perfume

4. Roses de Chloe

Roses De Chloe is the latest fragrance from the brand's self-titled range which started in 2008 with their signature fragrance. This fragrance captures all the grace and style of the brand, whilst introducing a selection of new ingredients to evoke the sense of a quiet stroll through the Parisian streets. These include zesty bergamot and lychee to open the fragrance, followed by magnolia and rose on top of a warm mix of cedar wood and musk. 

30ml - £32.99

50ml - £39.99

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5. Lancome La Vie Est Belle

Life is beautiful according to Lancome, who launched La Vie Est Belle to try and capture a distinctive feeling of maturity and graceful femininity. The fragrance itself is a lively blend of vibrant fruits and delicate floral notes, opening with a sweet blend of juicy pear and berries, which slowly dissipates to reveal an enchanting bouquet comprised of jasmine, iris and orange blossom. This tender aroma is complemented wonderfully by an earthy base filled with fragrant woods and earthy musk’s to add body and longevity to the fragrance.

30ml - £33.49 / 50ml £49.99

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6. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

Flowerbomb is a luxurious and incredibly feminine scent for women by Victor & Rolf. A floral explosion of rose, Indian osmanthus, orchid and sambac jasmine, this uplifting fragrance is ideal for all occasions. Available in Eau De Parfum spray, this fashionable designer scent comes in a stunning multi faceted pink bottle with a black flower.

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floral fragrances, summer fragrances 2014, perfume, summer perfume

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