The finest fragrance for Christmas

11 November 2014

Christmas is the perfect excuse to treat each other to the kinds of things you would feel guilty for buying at any other time in the year. You wouldn’t dream of buying that £25 bottle of wine for that Christmas Eve party or spend £70 on that 12 year old single malt whisky that your dad’s been coveting for years. But Christmas brings something out in us.

The opportunity to treat someone to something they wouldn’t dare get themselves is a pleasure reserved for only once a year. So if you know someone whose ultimate indulgence is a fine scent, then why not peruse the following list of some of the finest scents that The London Perfume Company has to offer.

Amouage – Found in only a select number of boutiques and high-street stores, this jewel of the Middle East utilises the finest ingredients from around the world to produce exquisite scents that are timeless and modern. The price is certainly steep but once worn the quality will speak for itself. Shop Amouage HERE!

amouage gold

Every element of an Amouage fragrance has been fine-tuned to sparkle with luxury and unmatched quality. If their was a michelin star for scents the waiting list for this thing would be years.

Penhaligon's – If you'd like to invest your money in something a little closer to home then why not try a British brand who have been pioneers of the perfume world for over 100 years. Hand-made products with a real heritage are sure to give your loved one a truly personal touch. Shop Penhaligon's HERE!


Adorned in gorgeous hand-crafted bottles, Penhaligon's fragrances have a sense of heritage and luxury that is seldom seen in the mass-produced perfume market today.

Creed – Another brand with hundreds of years of fine fragrance on their CV, Creed have been the perfumers of choice for European royalty and Hollywood star’s during their 250 year history. Coveted by many but owned by the few, why not give a loved one a chance to experience that magical Creed touch this Christmas. Shop Creed HERE!

L’Artisan Parfumeur – Founded on the ideal that fragrance should be a highly personal and transcendent experience; this niche perfume house produces high-quality scents imbued with the brands own unique flair and style. They have earned their place among the fragrance elite by producing never before seen scents that surprised the world and gave the brand their status as a pioneering and adventurous brand. Shop HERE!

mure et musc

Upon its release in 1978, Mure et Musc's juxtaposition of vibrant berries and smoky base notes was a sensory revelation that cemented the brand as a true pioneer of fine fragrance.

Chanel – If nothing above is doing it for you then why not splash out on something tried and tested. Chanel have been the ultimate fragrant indulgence for over 80 years, and continue to lead the pack of most coveted scents every year. From their iconic Chanel No. 5 to the more modern Coco Mademoiselle or Chance, there is a fragrance to satisfy any age or style. Shop Chanel HERE!

Of course here at TLPC we understand that it is the thought that really counts, or at least that's what we tell ourselves when we open that pack of socks year after year.   


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