The Easter Egg Hunt is ON! Search for Eight Eggs and Find Eggscellent Cheap Cheap Prices!

10 April 2014


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So naturally, The London Perfume Company are having an egg hunt (but this is a virtual one)...

OK, all you need to know, is that the egg looks like this and there are eight amazing bargains to be found!... arrow

the egg 2

what is this

There will be eight of these hanging on eight awesome products and it's up to you to find them.

Be it a perfume, aftershave, skin care, gift set or one of our gorgeous cosmetics - the hunt is on! the-easter-egg

You should scout amongst our website, social media and our newsletters to be lucky.

you get

Each product with an easter egg on, will be a ONE-OFF reduced price that you won't find anywhere else -

the-easter-eggThe special eight prices will last until the 22nd of April so pull your socks up and get hunting!



 OK - As we boast a catalogue of around 4000 live products, we'll be nice and give you some clues to find these absolute BARGAINS!

Clue number 1: Russell Brand's ex wife might be happy you've found this.

2. You might stumble upon a brand new Joop line for her when you browse this range... the-easter-egg

3. Wear this and you'll be as hot as Queen B..

4. This is no (fire)trap - a great male fragrance is on offer!

the-easter-egg5. There's a nail varnish by two Italian fellas and it's PERFECTION!

6. This Italian designer duo also designed a beautiful eyeshadow duo..

7. A popular label that uses a crocodile - this one will be very popular with the men!

8. A brand perhaps famous for its jeans and underwear - This fragrance will stay with you for Eternity.

Good luck and have a very happy Easter! the-easter-egg


OH and while you're here, did you browse our Spring sale section?

There are some fab bits in there! Click below to get some cheap perfume, reduced skin care and gorgeous gift sets!

spring summer


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