The Beauty Myths of Cleansing and Toning

22 January 2015

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Skin care routines can be tedious and often misleading.

If you can set aside the truths and the myths about your own skin and what you need, you can make it a very simple task. Did you know some of these were myths? Let's learn more about cleansing and toning... 

NOTE: This is how not to cleanse and tone.

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Soap is a good cleanser...


Now don't get us wrong, we love soap. Soap is an everyday essential! BUT, some people mistake soap for a flawless cleanser. Yes, it cleans the skin - but soap cleans it so harshly that it strips off all the natural oil and water in your pores and skin. This leaves your face really vunerable until it reaches its natural PH levels again. Ever washed your hands with soap and felt your hands dry up and get really tight? This is what you're doing to your face! Your hands are tough and can handle it, your face needs a softer approach to cleansing; we'd recommend a nice cleansing milk or lotion.

myths about cleaning and toning, beauty myths, cleansing and toning, skincare, skin care


Toners are the second step in the typical daily skin care routine...

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Wrong. The second step in the daily skin care routine is cleansing, again. Most people make the mistake (or to be honest it's probably down to time and patience) of cleansing first and then toning. Usually, it's impressive how much dirt shows that you've missed when you get the toning step. This simply means you have not cleansed your skin enough. When you come to the toning stage, there should be minimal-to-no dirt showing on your pad; and so we say, cleanse twice!

What is Toning?

Toners literally 'tone' your face and they also prepare it. Toners don't clean like a cleanser, more technically, they reacidify the PH levels in your face after you've disrupted them with even a gentle cleanser. Toners are mostly full of water (like a lot of skin care!) and so it superficially rehydrates your skin and helps your face recover from the cleansing stage.

myths about cleaning and toning, beauty myths, cleansing and toning, skincare, skin care


You can tone up your face and reduce wrinkles by doing facial exercises...

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We hate to tell you but moving your eyebrows to the back of your head and such exercises, is only speeding up these inevitable wrinkles! Lines and wrinkles are a result of expressions and constant animation so do this more will increase the depth and speed up aging.

myths about cleaning and toning, beauty myths, cleansing and toning, skincare, skin care


Dehydration and dry skin are the same...

Nooooo! Let's clear up the basics: Truly dry skin means a lack of oil, dehydrated skin means lack of water.

You cannot have oily and dry skin at the same time: You are either producing enough oil, not enough or too much.

Dry skin can be solved by a regular routine of careful cleansing, exfoliating, toning and using proper moisturising products.

Dehydration is as simple as it sounds: WATER! You're most likely not drinking enough - if you are, you may be exercising a lot and then not topping back up your water levels enough. Try drinking 10 glasses of water a day before diagnosing your poor skin with dry skin, work out if it's truly dry or if you just needed more water in your life!



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