Ten Things we Love About Christmas

11 November 2015


As if there aren't enough reasons to absolutely love Christmas as it is, we've thought hard about the really great reasons to be completely in love with Christmas.

Would you add any to this top ten? Let us know!


1. Animal Costumes

Because when else can we dress up our baby animals in something so ridiculously cute? Pugs as Christmas trees, Kittens as Santa - It's all going on!

xmas dog


OK so you might be in charge of the most stressful thing ever (Making the Christmas dinner!) but you have a good few days to relax. Make sure you don't do the washing up. 

Create some YOU-time, whether it's reading a book, writing a blog or reorganising your room ready for the new year.

xmas relax

3. Christmas nail art!

Be as tacky or as crazy as you like, it's Christmas therefore the more creative the nails the better! If we can't wear rudolph noses everyday in the office, then gaudy nails will have to do!

xmas nails

christmas nail art


Christmas is all about the festivities, families, get togethers and filling your face with deliciousness! 

nom nom nom.

xmas santa

potatoesxmas food


5. Sparkles.

Wear them on your dress, put them on your stairs and decorate your tree with them. Sparkles is the ultimate uniform of christmas!

xmas gold dress

6. Films/not thinking too hard

Christmas is a time where you don't have to get out your pjs all day and it's considered acceptable. Watching 238 Christmas films is what we do best at this time of year. Pass the tissues!

xmas film

7. LOVE!

Family, partners, children, long-lost relatives; what better time to declare your love for someone! 

If you can't say it now, when can you?

xmas love

8. 'Tis the season to be jolly and merry and all that jazz *hic*

xmas drinks

We looove a festive drink. Mulled wine, candy cocktails, boozy hot chocolates - yum!

*drink reponsibly!*

9. Christmas Jumpers

Because when else it is acceptable to wear a massive penguin on your stomach past the age of 7? We enjoy a Christmas-jumper-off. The sillier the better. Ten extra points for light up woolies!

xmas jumpers

10. Christmas Presents!

We shouldn't give to receive but erm, who doesn't love opening a few goodies! Christmas is the perfect time for a new fragrance or beauty must-have. Start the new year with a new scent and mark it with a memory that'll last forever!

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christmas perfume, xmas gifts



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