Spring Savvy Scent

25 April 2013


Spring scent tips



Ditch those warm, heavy notes that linger for hours, they’re too much - particularly in the day time.  Find a fresh, zesty scent that will really wake up your senses and keep you on the go!


2Eau de Toilette is much lighter than an Eau de Parfum, not to mention cheaper! If you can find the EDT version of a perfume then we’d recommend this option for Spring – you get exactly the same scent but it’s not as heavy.


3Fragrances (and any bottled products that contain alcohol for that matter) will be ruined if left in sunlight. They will:

  • Discolour

  • Evaporate

  • Lose the original scent

Stop this from happening, especially as the weather gets warmer – Keep them in a cool, dry place. We know some people that actually keep theirs in their fridge although we wouldn’t really recommend this, unless you want Chanel-flavoured sarnies!


4Does what it says on the tin really. Nobody likes an over-powering scent at the best of times *cue coughing fit* - but especially in Spring and Summer. When you walk past us, we want to smell more; not bury our noses in our sleeves! Keep it light and fresh and you can’t go wrong.


5Spring and Summer, for us, connotes a ‘care free’ attitude. We want to be able to drop our plans, pack a quick bag and head off to the park as soon as the sun puts his hat on. This means carrying little and light. You need to smell good (at all times – it’s our mantra!..) – so packing a 100ml bottle of your favourite scent just isn’t going to do, not when you need to make room for the blanket and Pimms! 

Invest in some 30ml bottles; maybe even some testers if you can get your hands on them. This keeps all bases covered and it won’t break the bank. This way you can buy a few different ones too! Hoorah! 

We recommended these delicious Spring Scents arrow

                              flowerbomb burberry brit dkny blossom 


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