Spring Has Sprung!

20 March 2013

Hoorah! It’s ‘officially’ the first day of Spring! – Although the weather could, kind of, erm… show it!

While we’re still piling on the layers to leave the house in the morning, we’re dreaming of digging out our floral dresses and our best pair of Ray Bans.

But fret not! We can already start preparing for Spring without being left freezing and looking daft – we wouldn’t want that now would we.

Changing your fragrance is the perfect way to make that first transition into a new season. Especially Spring. How can you resist all those deliciously fresh and clean notes?! This year we’re particularly loving fragrances oozing with zesty lime.

Why not try these?

For Her

For Him

Even if the temperature is still hovering over the wrong size of freezing - the natural light is still getting lighter and stronger. This means you need to begin to alter two things:

  • Skin Care
  • Make Up Application

Accepting that Winter has now ‘apparently’ gone can be proven by toning down the makeup. Enough of the shovelling of foundation on with a trowel even if it was just to keep your face warm; it’s now time to embrace your freckles and face the fact that actually your skin shade isn’t ‘Moroccan Madness 09’ – it’s more a ‘Fair Beige 06’....

The London Perfume Company has come up with some simple steps for making that first transition into Spring…

Darker shades are fine for winter because it’s generally dull lighting, even in the day. But now, the natural light is incredibly bright, you’ll want to go one shade lighter to avoid any lines, dark patches and a serious case of being ‘tangoed’.

Show off those peepers! Enough of hiding behind a visage of perfectly black lines – invest in a really good mascara instead and coat generously on your lashes.

Don’t be afraid to use colour, especially on your lips! They say you hold someone’s attention for 4 more seconds when you have eye-catching lips. Why not try a daring bright pink on your pout?

Ditching the foundation can, admittedly, take some getting used to, but let’s look at the positives. By doing it you will:

  • Save so much time in the morning (anything for an extra 5 minutes in bed!)
  • Reduce imperfections – It’s easy for your pores to build up dirt, especially if you wear it for 8+ hours a day. Give your skin a break (even if it’s just one day off a week!)

In the hotter days of Spring, foundation just is not practical, nor necessary – Try a light application of concealer and a dusting of powder for that perfect ‘light’ finish.

Pastel shades are just beautiful to look at anyway, so this shouldn’t be too much of a chore. Gather up your lilacs, minty greens and soft pinks and have a spring feast! Apply on your nails, as a light eye-shadow or a brave new lipstick.

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