Splurge or Save? The Foundation Fight.

21 February 2014


Is foundation the most expensive thing in your makeup bag or do you consider foundation to be the least important in your daily routine?

We got down to the nitty gritty and had a fight - about foundation... (OK a discussion, it just sounded better..)

Who do you agree with? SPLURGE or SAVE?


SPLURGE: "Foundation is the base of your whole face! It needs to be good!"

SAVE: "You can get amazing foundations that do fantastic jobs. Ones where you don't have to pay for it on your credit card."

SPLURGE: "Cheaper foundations don't last as long, I'd rather invest in a high-quality product that i know will work."

SAVE: "You can buy other quality products if you save on the foundation. More money for more makeup!"

SPLURGE: "It's not even like you're paying the full whack, D&G foundation is £22.99 here compared to the highstreet where it would be £39.50!"


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