Splurge or Save? Pink Nail Polish Wars.

9 January 2014

When it comes to your favourite beauty products do you prefer to splurge or save?

It's 50/50 in this office...

Some argue it's better to invest in one where you know you'll get value for money and others say that just because it's cheaper, doesn't mean it's not as good as the designer label.

So, *dilemma* - You need a new nail polish.

Do you:

a) splurge* on a Dolce and Gabbana Nail Lacquer for £13.49 


b) save on an Essie nail polish for £5.99?

*It's worth noting, this is actually not a huge splurge because of our faaabulous prices. (It retails at £18.50!)


                          buy-now                            buy-now


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