Six Cool Ways to Store Your Perfume at Home...

16 January 2015

 Perfume, as we all know, is an incredibly beautiful thing. It's considered a luxury item and so, the bottle itself subconciously turns into a piece of art. Finish a mascara and that tube is flung into the bin without a doubt in mind, finish a perfume and you're in two minds about binning it or placing it on your dresser as a pretty statement piece.

Whether your bottles are half full or completely empty since 2007 (What?! It's a Chanel No5....!), We've found six extremely lovely ways to store your perfume at home and show off their beauty for all to see.

Which one do you like the most?

1. A simple but bold, rack.

Easy to clean and it shows your beautiful collection off in one neat way.

Ways to store your perfume, perfume storage


2. A funky corner shelf.

Make your perfume bottles a statement, a work of art! This is a real feature in any room.

perfume storage


3. A simple tray (but a pretty one!)...

ways to store your perfume at home, perfume tips, perfume tricks

4. A bold statement!

You'll need to keep it stocked because that blank square is really annoying us... 

perfume hacks, perfume storage, how to

5. Your very own shop counter!

We love this way of storing perfume, it's so extravagent and OTT but definitely necessary.

perfume dresser, pretty dressing table, makeup dresser

6. Ahh cake.

On a diet this January? Make use of your pretty lil cake stand and display your perfumes on your chest of drawers. (Out of the sunlight though!)


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