Shower your love with gifts this Valentine's Day all for free!

30 January 2014


When you shop in Lover's Corner for Valentine's Day you'll get more than you bargained for!


You can choose between 3 gorgeous teddy bears or a beautiful solid perfume heart when you buy from Lover's Corner.

Just make sure you add it to your basket and the amount will be deducted at checkout!


valentines-teddy-bear valentines-teddy-bear

                                 valentines-teddy-bear valentines-love-heart-solid-perfume

And as an extra special treat, we'll give you some deeeelicious loveheart sweets and a make-shift gift-tag!

These are free with every order purchased from Lover's Corner.



Your lucky partner will be showered with gifts and they won't know a thing!

So what are you waiting for?

 Shop LOVER'S CORNER here now!

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