Short Hair Don't Care! Our Top tips and products for short hair...

7 May 2014


Calling all you cropped beauties!

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heart 1 If you’re running late and your hair is still wet, (we've all been there!) Just use a paper towel! It soaks up more water than a bath towel, drying your hair faster. 


heart 2Go easy on the shampoo - the more natural oils in your hair the better! Shorter hair needs less shampoo, choose carefully too as a cheap conditioner can leave it really greasy.


heart 3Having short hair is great when you're trying to thicken it back up. Maybe you ruined it in your long-hair phase? To keep up the hard work and thicken it to its full potential, keep hot hair styling to a minimum. Try only putting a slight curl on the ends, or just straightening the top layer!



Adee Phelan Essential Everyday Spray For Her 150ml



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Essential Everyday is a brilliant new product from the Adee Phelan collection. This magnificent multiplex hair product guarantees to not only hold your style in place all day but also to protect from heat damage as well as treating your hair with hydrating panthenol. Available in a 150ml spray bottle it is the perfect size to carry in your handbag so throughout the day your hair will look glowing and nutritious.
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Collistar Reconstructive Spray With Bamboo Marrow For Damaged Or Fragile Hair For Her 100ml


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This wonderfully effective spray helps to restore silkiness and shine to the hair, and is effective even to the most damaged and fragile hair types. The ultra-light formula contains a mixture of reconstructing agents that restore fabulous balance and hydration to the hair.
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Tigi Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hairspray For Her 400ml

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Tigi Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hairspray keeps yoour hair rockin'. This hairspray is tour tested and rockstar approved.
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