Rihanna Announces Latest Fragrance

17 July 2013

rihanna rogue

International icon Rihanna has announced the release of her latest fragrance, the fourth in her collection following on from Rebelle, Reb'l Fleur and Nude.

Titled 'Rogue', the fragrance is due for a September release and is rumoured to include both a male and female version.

Details of the fragrance so far include a photo of a clear bottle that features a peach coloured liquid and spikes piercing the underneath, as well as a gorgeous black and white image from the advertising campaign of a sultry looking Rihanna dressed in nothing but a slip that reveals everyone of her to-die-for curves.


The fragrance itself has been designed in Rihanna's own words "for all women and every mood", and features a maturer composition than her previous fragrances.

This includes a classic blend of floral notes including rose and jasmine as well as a wonderfully earthy blend of amber alongside vanilla and sandalwood. 

We're sure to be getting this in as soon as it hits the shelves so keep watching this space for further updates.




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