Product Of The Week 04.08.13

5 August 2013


Clarins Eau Ensoleillante Sunshine Fragrance - 50ml - £15

This has literally been selling so fast - and we're not surprised. It's just £15 for a truly beautiful fragrance. Don't forget it's free delivery too!

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comprised of Ylang-Ylang, patchouli and camomile. This fabulous fragrance will envelop you in a mist of inviting warmth and intoxicating aromas. quoteClarins Eau Ensoleillante has been specially designed to be worn from head-to-toe, featuring a selection of lively fruits alongside soothing herbal aromas to evoke the essence of summer. Mandarin and grapefruit emit a vibrant opening aroma, which slowly dissipates to reveal a wonderfully soothing concoction.closed


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