Product Of The Week 01.09.13

2 September 2013


Chanel Chance Eau de Toilette Twist and 3 x 20ml

quoteChance is an unexpected, sparkling and romantic fragrance by Chanel. A beautiful combination of Iris, exotic Jasmine and absolute Vanilla blend together to produce an intense feminine aroma. This Eau de Toilette isclosed quote  a sweet, sensual scent that evokes brightness and intimacy, perfect for the modern day woman.

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60ml of Chanel Chance for £62 in three fantastic separate sprays perfect for putting in your handbag, leaving at your desk or in your car or blazer pocket - it just means you won't be carrying round a whole bottle with you - imagine if it smashed or you misplaced it?!

This is probably so popular for the amazing Chanel brand alone... but the necessity of it is a huge advantage too!

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