Pink on the Beach (For all the right reasons..)

3 June 2015

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Sunburn is not a good look: First you turn pink, then it gets pinker, then you get called a lobster (it has to be done) and then you apply 28 litres of yoghurt, after-sun cream and anything else soothing you can get your hands on. Then, after all that, your tan lasts a day and it soon disappears. Pfft, wasn't really worth the pain.

First of all, stay safe in the sun and achieve the perfect glowing all-over tan with our gorgeous Clarins set. arrow

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arrowSecondly, invest in this Chanel face tanner - it's trending everywhere right now!

Chanel Perfect Colour Face Self Tanner For Her - Bronze

Thirdly, get pink on the beach for all the right reasons: Pink nails via Essie (we love the 'Off The Shoulder' shade), pink blush, pink accessories, a bold lipstick and the best Tangle Teezer in town.

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The salt from the sea can get your hair in some nasty knots but the new Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash Detangling Brush is perfect at getting the knots out without any pain. It's a pro in it's field and also great on children as they won't be crying or running away from the brush!

You won't need any other makeup on with a bold lippy and a good one will survive the waves and the sand.


Essie nail colour stands out against the sand and even better if it matches with your favourite bikini! 

essie nails, nail art, nails, pink nails

If you don't fancy wearing lipstick near the pool, buy a new pink blusher to create a lovely rosy-cheeked effect so you look happy and healthy whilst you're sipping away on your mojito in the sunshine. 

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