Perfume Trends According to Vogue Magazine November 2014

7 October 2014

Every month a bible appears on our desk.

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It's the key to the future trends of all things beauty, perfume and of course; fashion!

We decided to have a flick through the November edition of Vogue Magazine with you and show you what we pay attention to...

This month, there's an absolutely awesome feature in it about fragrance. It discusses the notion that people pick their perfumes solely because of the name on the bottle and not necessarily because of the actual scent inside. 

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It's also quite an eye-opener to people who aren't incredibly familiar with the perfume industry. It may be that people pick up a fragrance in a shop, like the pretty bottle, spray a sample, enjoy the scent and buy it. We like those people. It may be that some people buy the perfume because of what it represents; how many of One Direction's fans would buy a perfume with that exact smell if it had nothing to do with the world-famous boy band?

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It also brings to light that perfumes are often created by one person alone, who works for a number of different brands and not necessarily one brand. Of course, this doesn't mean that all perfumes probably smell the same, but maybe they are more closer linked than you think...

What are the main reasons you buy perfume?

Place these three in order of importance:

1. The smell of the fragrance

2. The attractiveness of the bottle

3. The brand behind it

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Vogue got it spot on when they noticed that buying a perfume is the best way to get into a fashion house. The London Perfume Company are constantly preaching that if you can't afford an item of clothing of the latest handbag off the runway, then a bottle of the brand's scent looks equally beautiful on the dresser.

The bible picked out some up and coming hot fragrances that you NEED in your life.

Luckily, we not only agree, but we sell them!


Hugo Boss Ma Vie - Shop Now

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Gucci Premiere - Shop Now

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Giorgio Armani - Shop Now

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If you know a little about Vogue, you'll know that to advertise in there is incredibly expensive. We're talking six figures sometimes. If you learn anything today, know that the adverts at the front at the best. 
That's why we take note when perfume ads are places near the front - we can expect an increase in interest and we can prepare to reprice, buy in more and find the best deal for people searching for the latest 'must-buy'. 

jean paul gaultier classique intense 

For example, Jean Paul Gaultier - Classique Intense. Wowzers.

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Vogue doesn't forget about the other beauty essentials either. Skin care and the high-end creams of miracles are also paraded across the pages..

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Shop Skincare

The London Perfume Company stock some of the most prestigious skin care brands in Europe. From Decleor, to Creme de la Mer, Clinique, Clarins, Guerlain, Chanel, Dior to La Prairie and Rodial, we're pretty sure if Vogue saw our catalogue, they'd be more than impressed!

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 Have you got Vogue this month?



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