Perfume That Smells Like Freshly Buttered Toast? Yes, Really!

16 September 2013

WARNING: This blog post may make you crave toast. Mmmm... 

This isn't a joke - as if they haven't thought of enough weird and wonderful fragrances, now there's a perfume that smells just like freshly buttered toast. Weird hey?


Text/Article source: Business-Standard

The Federation of Bakers have come up with a way to promote the consumption of bread by creating 'Eau de Toast' - a scent that will help the user smell hot, buttered toast all day.

Pretty strange you say..? Well there's a hole purpose behind it... The federation wanted a fun way to remind women to eat breakfast and not to avoid eating bread! They note, while bread gets a bad reputation for being fully loaded with carbohydrates, it's a necessary part of a healthy, balanced diet.

There are top notes of yeast with a hint of caramel, combined with complementary bittersweet and malty base notes to help give the overall impression of freshly toasted bread.

Deeeeeeelicious! Next stop, Eau de Jam...?


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