Payday Wishlist - All your Affordable Beauty Favourites!

28 February 2014


It's Payday AND it's Friday! What an excellent combination.

Here are four beauty products that we think are at the top of your must-buy beauty list

- Would you change any?...

1. A beautiful compact powder...

Clarins Colour Accents Powder £22.99 - Buy Now.

2. Because no other product conceals and highlights like this iconic pen does...

YSL Touche Eclat £19.99 - Buy Now.

3. A designer lipgloss that won't break the bank, bingo!...

D&G Ultrashine Lipgloss £12 - Buy Now.

4. And finally a perfume to finish the look and complete your restoration of beauty. Something that you're guaranteed to love, and so will everyone else walking past you...

Jimmy Choo £24.99 - Buy Now.



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