Paris Hilton Freebie Offer!

13 June 2013


The London Perfume Company are offering you any one of these beautiful fragrances completely FREE...


When you buy any one of these beautiful Paris Hilton 'Passport' fragrances for just £6.99!... arrow


Paris Hilton has been very busy lately, which is maybe why she's been off the celebrity radar for a while, but she's back with avengence!

Heiress to the Hilton fortune, Paris has become quite the entrepeneur herself, launching ranges of perfumes, clothes, starring in films and more recently, releasing her own album! Yep, you heard right! pairs hiltom

Whether you love her for her partying, care-free ways or admire her strong business mind, we can guarantee you will love her fragrances. Especially the Passport collection

The Paris Hilton 'Passport' range is inspired by her glamorous jet-set lifestyle. It captures the spirit of some of the coolest destinations on the planet: Paris, Tokyo and South Beach.

We love them so much because they're fun, fresh and fruity. (...and we're not just biased!..) They're great to carry in your handbag when you need a freshen up, and at £6.99 - who can grumble?!

Let's get to know each one so you can choose which you'll want and then you can choose which one you'll be having for free! 




Passport South Beach is a wonderfully feminine fragrance filled with exotic floral aromas such as jasmine, lotus and freesia which are beautifully accompanied by a woody background which gives the fragrance body and elegance. Buy Me.






Passport Paris opens with the vibrant aroma of red berries and mandarin orange, slowly revealing a wonderfully feminine bouquet of jasmine and peony, before an earthy dry down of musk and amber notes perfectly completes the fragrance. Buy Me.







Passport Tokyo is a vibrant, feminine fragrance containing a selection of exotic floral aromas to capture the essence of the far-east. These include frangipani, iris and orange flower, illuminated by a rich, woody base of sandalwood and cedar. Buy Me.



So to recap, if you buy a 30ml Paris Hilton Passport fragrance, you'll get a free 7.5ml Passport fragrance of your choice - and free delivery! - Not bad for £6.99 hey?

** You'll need to add the 7.5ml to your basket and when you come to checkout, it will automatically be deducted! **

Which ones will you be choosing? 


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