Our Weekly Gossip 25.10.13 - A Halloween Beauty Special

25 October 2013


What a busy week for TLPC this week! - We've got it aaaaaaall going on...

First of all, unless you are oblivious to the world of social media, you'll know it's Halloween - and then you'll know that us lovely, kind people at The London Perfume Company are giving away a Ghost perfume for you to win! WOAH! Enter here.

...Not only this, but we have launched a super-cool 'Trick or Treat' feature whereby you DARE to shop our 'Spooky Scents' and you'll receive either a trick or a treat with your order... we know right!!! SHOP HERE. (If you are brave enough of course... OH come on, it's not so bad - the treats are SO worth the risk...)

This week, we saw Kim Kardashian's birthday come around - she's 33 and looking HOT! We celebrated, naturally, by reducing her gorrrrgeous fragrances. So shop for them here and bag a bargain. 

Back to Halloween, we're ALL over it. Our resident bloggers have been tapping away and come up with some excellent ideas and cool, fun thing for the freaky festival. Just see below!;

10 Cool Party Ideas for Halloween

3 Simple Sexy Halloween makeup Ideas

10 Good Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Our wishlists are alway popular - We're soooo on the same wave-length you guys.

Wednesday Wishlist was a pretty one this week. Who doesn't love a good Clarins bargain? See it here.

Things we love Thursday - A little PINK mad, but if you love pink, then you will love this! See the perfectly pink wishlist right here.

We have a fabulous offer with some gorgeous D&G giftsets. Have you seen?! 

...Because who keeps the box anyway? heart symbol

These gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana giftsets are just £24.99 all because of some slight cosmetic wear to the outer-box - which everyone bins anyway! The vanity case and everything else inside it is in perfect condition.

Grab your bargain now; these are perfect for Christmas or just a treat to yourself...

Look how great they are! arrow

*Click on the Vine below to play the video*

So that's us for TLPC this week -

Has anyone started to think about Christmas yet? *shudders* There's a lot of shopping to do hey! Good job we have some AMAZING offers AND free delivery hey? *wink wink*

Have an amazing weekend!


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