Our Weekly Gossip 20.09.13

20 September 2013


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Rihanna released her new fragrance 'Rogue' earlier this month. Watch the exclusive behind the scenes video herepharrell

Our most popular-selling item this week? Find out here.

Perfume that smells like freshly buttered toast? Yes, really. Read more here.

Burberry has been a HUGE hit at London Fashion Week this year and we're not surprised. Watch the full show here. *Prepare for major fashion envy...*

Remember our competition? We asked you to tell us how many 5ps you think are in this jar and let us know how much it adds up to? Find out who the winner was here.

BRR! It's cold out there! Are you prepared? Hand Cream is being passed round the office like there's no tomorrow! Prepare your skin for the cold weather with this simple Clarins set: Click here.

newsletterWednesday Wishlist. Classic. 

This was a little different this week, what do you think? Things we love Thursday.

Three simple beauty tips to avoid streaky foundation. Simples. Click here.

NEWS: Pharrell Williams is on top of the world right now! - Why not complete world-domination with a fragrance? He's bringing a new one out. Look!

A perfume with a paint brush?! WOAH! This video is soooo cute! love

COMPETITION: Well, obbviously the best till last... All you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter and you could win one of many mini prizes! Click here to find out more and see the goodies! Which would you want to win? 


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