Our Weekly Gossip 17.05.13

16 May 2013

our weekly gossip

We looked at the art of the perfume bottle - have you ever kept a bottle just because it looked so pretty even though it had run out? 

You can find FIVE amazing beauty tips when concen

trating on anti-aging here - they're awesome! chanel

Did you see Chanel have launched a £2700 perfume?! Read about that here.

We did an amazing Q&A with Armand Beasley; beauty pro to the stars! He also knows his stuff when it comes to fragrance too! Read his fab interview here.

justin bieber someday


We're running a competition to win Bieber's fragrance; Someday. Have you entered? Find the details here.

As always, our popular Wednesday Wishlist went down a treat. What are you wishing for this week?

Did you see our THREE amazing hair tips? We love them because they ACTUALLY work. See here!

Following on to Things We Love Thursday where we paid homage to the things we love every single day!

Cool ways to store your tools and cosmetics? Right here.

Do you work in an office? You should have this checklist of beauty goodies to make sure you're always looking fresh and feeling great.

What's been your favourite this week?

Have an amazing weekend! love heart


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