Our three day delivery promise or 10% off!

6 December 2013


You heard it correctly... We promise to get your order to you within 3 working days.

If you don't we'll treat you to 10% off!

*Christmas Banner Terms & Conditions:

- 3 working days after the day of order

- Applies to all orders placed on 06.12.13 and after

- If Royal Mail tracking system marks as 'Delivered' - This is the order complete. We cannot be held resposible for the customer missing their delivery.

- Must contact customer services in order to redeem the 10% off code if satisfactory evidence has been given

Reminder: Countdown is days left for FREE UK Standard Delivery - Customers must order before the 18th of December.

Last day of guaranteed delivery is the 23rd of December if the customer places their order using the 'Next Day Delivery' option costing £4.95 before 12noon.


So what are you waiting for? Happy Shopping! 


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