Our New Arrival of Superdry's Latest Scents

21 September 2012

To add to their existing trio of men’s fragrances, their new Colognes; Superdry Black and Superdry Steel add something special to complete their collection.

Designed with a younger, sportier male in mind, these delicious colognes create another level of freshness for the modern man on the go. We reckon these will be perfect for a ‘day to night’ transition.

Both fragrances come encased in soft-touch package which shows attention to detail and boast a simple, yet classic, bottle design with sleek features.

The parcel caused some controversy with the boys in the office because they all loved them both so much- they couldn’t choose a favourite! So, to help you out -(but you should really buy both)- we’ve got our experts to describe them…. But what’s your favourite? Which will you choose?

Superdry Black has an aromatic heart of lavender, nutmeg and jasmine, sweetened by a juicy lime note, complete with a deep, rich base of sandalwood. Encased in a trendy black case, the bottle is a simple, yet classic design, embossed with blue-tinted glass and a sleek black top. Available in both 40ml and 75ml.

Superdry Steel has a refreshing scent with top notes of lime and bergamot, the heart of cardamom and violet leaves, with rich base notes of cedarwood and moss. It comes in a blue-tinted embossed glass bottle with a sleek silver top, all wrapped up in a trendy white box. Also available in 40ml and 75ml.

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