On Our Radar: Choosing Blusher

7 May 2013

Have you ever wondered which blusher is the perfect colour for your skin tone? Sometimes it’s hard to get it perfect, especially as the seasons change; do you play it pink or do you brave the bronze?

If your skin is…


zooey deschanel

Choose light-coloured blushers with a hint of pink. It will bring a very natural warmth to the face without looking like you’ve done 12 minutes on a sunbed or even 12 laps round the block.

try this


If you’re ever caught out without your blusher and need a bit of life in your cheeks, give them a little pinch (but not too hard!..) – It’ll add colour in no time so you don’t look as pale as a ghost when you’re talking to that important colleague in the office… Even the slightest bit of colour can change the whole radiance of your face.


If your skin is…


cheryl cole

Soft apricot tones work especially well with olive skin tones.



try this

Add a light stroke of a light apricot bronzer and finish with a light stroke of pink blusher on top – the perfect compliment for an olive complexion.


If your skin is…



You suit almost anything! For darker skin tones, bronze or brown shades work beautifully with your complexion. Add a little shimmer to the apples of your cheeks for the ultimate contour.

try this

Find a really deep red. Trust us, you will look knock-out! Talk about definitive cheek bones!


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