October - The Dawn of the New You

1 October 2014

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There's something quite lovely about October; It's the beginning of Autumn, the leaves are crispy and we can wrap up in a hundred layers of wool and still look cute.

We don't know about you, but we see October has a little time to reinvent yourself and take a little detox. Summer is over (sob sob) and Christmas is the next big seasonal event, so meanwhile, we're here like "let's hit the gym" and ohh Sober October and Stoptober can only be good for us, right?!

If you're transitioning into Autumn with a new you, it's the perfect time to change your look a little.

Here's our October to-do list for a change-up of the same old:

1. Sober October

(31 whole days without alcohol - eek! It'll be tricky to drink lime and soda at Friday cocktail club but think of all the money we'll save to spend on more perfumes, yay!)

2. Stoptober

Because giving up smoking is only a good thing!

3. Buy a Winter Coat

Staple coats are a must-have. Definitely investing in a goodie. We're thinking, faux fur?

4. Invest in a Warming Autumn Perfume

You can't go wrong with Alien by Thierry Mugler - if you're not so much a peppery gal then browse these specially selected Autumn-inspired fragrances

5. Be Daring with Colour

We love the autumn blues, greens and bergundy but we don't showcase them as much as we could. Be crazy and invest in a colour you wouldn't normally, get out your comfort zone!

OPI Take Ten 10 x 3.75ml Nail Lacquer Set


The weather's colder, which means no mega-hot sweats ruining your perfectly-primped-pony. Change up your hair; get a fringe, dye it red, make the chop you've always wanted to!

'Messy' hair is so in this month. (yay, more zzzz's!)

choppy fringe autumn messy hair



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